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The flame that started our passion for smoked meats and premium side dishes started a long time ago in the small town of Paradise. Ian was 13 when his parents opened a sub sandwich and take and bake pizza shop. Over his years he never left the food industry. From being in the kitchen, waiting tables, bouncing clubs, to helping his uncle cater. In 2015 he decided to branch out on his own and purchased our pride and joy Lil' Boy from his uncle. Quickly after establishing he realized he needed help outside of the kitchen. He had just met his now wife, Coco who offered to help him. She had years of corporate management and marketing under her belt so it was a natural fit. Slowly but surely, the business got off the ground. Tragedy took its toll on November 8th, 2018 when the Camp Fire took their home, truck, and animals. Thankfully Lil' Boy is built for fire so he was still standing after the flames tried to take him as well. A few months after, Coco and Ian decided it was time to get back to work and give the business a real shot. Ian taught Coco the methods of smoking and they played with new recipes. More recently Ian and Coco have added an addition to the Butte Creek BBQ Co. family, Big Boy! With this new smoker addition it gave them them the flexibility to continue to grow. Between multiple events in a day to events up to 1500 people you can always find Coco or Ian behind the smokers!